Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we will try to answer questions that are often asked. If your question is not answered here, please contact us at bnb-support(at)


No, there is no single player modus. This game is meant to be played in a team together with a moderator (the Incident Master). It lives from the communication within the team.

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To participate in a game you need to receive a GameKey from an Incident Master.

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To start a new game you have to register and sign in as an Incident Master. You can then setup a new game from the page 'My Games'.

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Nothing! "Backdoors & Breaches - online" is free to play. However, if you like you can buy me coffee, or give a donation to a charity of your choice.

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I have tried to make the application as responsive as possible and found that you can play it on nearly every device, escpet for smartphones. I have tested it on iPad, and several screen resolutions and found it works quite well.

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Sure, send me a message via the contact Form and we can talk about it.

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Incident Master

When you create a new game a GameKey is created. You can send this GameKey to your players to join the game.

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In your profile you can enter an optional name. If you have set that name it is used instead of your username.

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Games can be deleted from Game Info page (click on the "Details" button in your game list). Please be careful with this function! It will delete the game and the gamelog. Once deleted it is not possible to restore a game!

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As long as a game is listed as 'New' players will not be able to enter it. A game can be started in the Gamestup. Click on 'SETUP', the click on 'Start'. The reason for this not to give too much away to players who are curious about an upcoming game. I usually prepare the game by selecting the cards in the Gamesetup, but instead of 'start' I click on 'Back' that stores the cards and takes me back to the Game info. Shortly before the game actually starts I go into the gamesetup and click on 'Start'.

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Just enter the GameKey into the form on the homepage and follow the instructions

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GameKeys are sent out by the Incidentmaster (the moderator of a game).

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Games can only be joined on invitation. To enter a game you need to be given a GameKey by the Incidentmaster (the moderator of the game). To find a game look on Linkedin, or other online platforms or ask the Security Awareness Team in your company.

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Just do a refresh of the player dashboard. Atthe moment it does not refresh automatically when a turn concludes. I am working on a solution that wil not tie up too many server resources or be just annoying like an automatic reload. So at the moment just hit F5 or click reload in your browser to see the results!

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