About Backdoors & Breaches - online

About Backdoors & Breaches

Backdoors & Breaches was originally created by Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures and adapted to this online version by me (SilverDay Media). It is an Incident Response Simulation game that helps you to conduct information security exercises and roleplay various attack tatics, tools, and methods.

It is intended to be played in a team session moderated by an Incident Master. The game mechanics are based on old Pen & Paper roleplaying games including skill in choosing the right thing to do to solve a problem combining it with a component of luck in the form of a twenty sided dice. The main goal is to encourage discussion and communication between the players.

About this Site

This version of the game is meant to allow distributed teams to train together using either just a phone conferencing tool or even a a websharing session. It can be used free of charge. If you would like to show your appreciation, you can buy me a coffee or make a donation to a charity of your choice. In any case it would be great if you told your friends and colleagues about this site.


This site would not be possible if the team at Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures had not created the original card game! I have never had this much fun during a training session as when I played their game! Beside Backdoors & Breaches they not only offer great professional cyber security services but they are also making many of their tools available for free!

This online version was inspired by Terry Wymer, who created a powershell module version of the game. He is looking to support Grosvenor School, St. Micheal's House (details can be found on idonate.ie). So if you are looking for a suggestion which charity to support this is certainly a worthy cause!

In addition this site is made possible by many great projects providing open source software used to build it:

Even though this version is free to play, I am not making the sources available to the public for now (sorry). If for some reason you would like to see the source code or run your own server using my code, please contact me.