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'Backdoors & Breaches - online' is an implemantation of the educational card game 'Backdoors & Breaches' created by Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures. You are free to use it for educational purposes unless you violate national or international laws. By using 'Backdoors & Breaches - online' you agree to abide by these terms of service:

Liability for the content and functionality of this website

We continuously develop the content and functionality of this website and strive to provide correct and current information. According to the Telemedia Act (TMG) §7 (1), as a service provider, we are responsible for our own information, which we provide for use, according to the general laws. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any liability for the correctness of all content on this website, especially for those provided by third parties. As a service provider within the meaning of sections 8 to 10, we are not obliged to monitor the information that you transmit or store or to investigate circumstances that indicate illegal activity.

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