Privacy Policy

Last modified May 31st 2020


We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing users with a safe and functional environment. This Privacy Policy applies to the 'Backdoors & Breaches - online' site and governs data collection and usage.


In order to use 'Backdoors & Breaches - online' you must have cookies enabled within your browser. Please note that no personal information is stored within the cookies used by 'Backdoors & Breaches - online'. The cookies are used to manage navigation and other tasks, without them you will not be able to use any of functionalities of this site. This type of cookie is called "technically necessary cookie" and does not require consent. They are set to be deleted automatically after you close your browser. We are not using any cookies for analytics, tracking, or marketing purposes.

A cookie is a data file that is placed on your computer by a webpage server. Cookies are not programs, spyware or viruses and are unable to perform any operation by themselves.

We are using the following cookies:

Cookie Name Type Lifetime Description
PHPSESSIP technically necessary Session This cookie manages the session data stored by the server. This cookie is automatically deleted after your session times out, or you close your browser.
ctp technically necessary 30 minutes This cookie is part of the Cross-Site Request Forgery protection used on this site.

Collection of personal information

By registering on 'Backdoors & Breaches - online' you are required to provide us with the following information:

We will not disclose any of your personal information to any other person or organisation without your written consent unless authorised or required by law. This data is used to authenticate and authroize your use of SIGMA. It will be stored until you delete your account.

For statistical reasons your IP address is stored in an anonymized format. This means the last octet is set to zero, eg. becomes

If you use the contact form provided on this site you consent by sending the form for us to use the information provided in this form for direct email communication with you. Once the correspondence has ended the information will be deleted.

Automatic data collection

By visiting our site certain information is automatically collected by our webserver and stored in a technical logfile:

These logfiles can only be accessed by users with administrative permissions. They are deleted after 30 days. This data will not be made available to third parties unless required law or ordered to do so in the process of a legal proceeding.

How we use your personal information

We will only use your personal information for the purpose of managing your account on this site.

As 'Backdoors & Breaches - online' users you are able to determine what personal information you make available to others. By default, unless assigned Administrator access rights, a user may only view your Display Name. This includes listings within a Notification report or Visitor Log.

Storage and security of your personal information

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information we hold is not subject to loss or misuse or unauthorised access, disclosure or alteration.

In order to help protect your personal information, please do not disclose your username or password to anybody! Neither the administrators nor any member of our support team will ever ask you for your password. Please notify us of any attempts of phishing or hacking immediatley. We can only react and counteract attacks we are aware of.

Secure transmission of your data

To further protect your data we are using TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt it during transmission between your browser and our server. You can check the security of the connection by clicking the small lock usually displayed in the address line of your browser.

Google Recaptcha

To enhance the design of our site and further secure our interaction with you we are using the ReCaptcha V3 service provided by Google Ireland Limited (Gordon House, Barrow Street Dublin 4, Irland). By using these services data is transmitted to Google and informs Google about your visit to our site. Both services were designed by Google to minimize the storage and processing of the transferred data to the degree required to provide it. Usually this data is stored by Google for one year. If you would like to delete your data before this please contact Google support at this URL:

More information about the services provided by Google can be found at this link:

More information about Googles privacy policy is available at

Your rights according to GDPR

The european General Data Protection Regulation grants you the following rights regarding your data:

Changes to this privacy statement

We may occasionally make adjustments to our privacy statement to reflect changes to the system and in response to customer feedback. As such we suggest you check the Privacy Statement each time you visit this site.


If you have any questions regarding this Statement or believe we have not adhered to the above criteria, please Contact Us and we will use all reasonable efforts to remedy the issue.